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Data Audit

There is a treasure in your data. With us you can find it.

Data Audit is a preliminary check on company’s data.

The goal is to evaluate how they impact on the performances and profits of the company.

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data analysis

First we analyse the structure of the company and how the more relevant data flow are managed.


To do that we implement several data discoverry tools and methodologies.

  • Survey and data analysis based on “lean management” approach.
  • Use of checklists and sheets to evaluate the performances in using data.
  • Evaluation of “big data & cloud readiness”
  • Definition of main metadata.

Then we verify critical liabilities and inconsistencies.



75% of US based SMEs have indentified costs coming for low quality data. Typically the oganizations overestimate the quality of their data and underestimate the error costs.

University of Southern Denmark


finally we we work out with you the best way to organize data, give structure and make a valuable asset out of them.


In order to create value, data have to be used in an effective way.

This is a process that comes out from company’s inputs and feedbacks.

We know that and we have seen it countless times in our experience. We are ready to apply our expertise to your company.


And of course, you have a beautiful report and a precious business instrument.


At the end of our audit, we’ll provide to your company a detailed report.

It will include metrics, infographics, analytical evaluations and tips on which tools are to be adopted in order to better use and value your data.

If we’ll evaluate that investements  on data management are advisable, the report will include a list of priorities to maximize the effectiveness of those investments.

The report will also include an evaluation of savings that can be achieved by applying best practices in data management.

If your company is ISO 9001 certified, the report can be used as a special internal audit according to ISO 9004 continuous improvement best practices.

Want to have an intial evaluation of the costs hidden in your data policy? Fill our survey and we’ll give you an order of magnitude for them. (Italian version)