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The first "end to end" and easy to use Industrial Energy Analytics

What is CORTEX™ Energy Analytics ?


It is an IoT based solution that gathers energy data in real time from any source.

Cortex provides to its users a solid energy analytics which is as easy to manage as a consumer application. It is the only “end to end” and easy to use solution on the market that can scale without practical limits.

It is entirely cloud based.

The real time consumption analysis of industrial setups helps greatly in taking decisions quickly and in a more effective way.

Energy is one of the most expensive costs in manufacturing processes; the knowledge of energy data and their correct usage opens up a huge opportunities in costs reduction, both energy related and maintenance ones. Moreover it allows a fine grained management of the factory.

Ecogriddy provides a full-fledged solution with no extra efforts for our customers: Cortex is integrated with a network of sensors and with a powerful gateway, always connected to the cloud backend.


Monitoring the power exchanges in a factory is a very complex task.


Understanding technical plants and acting on them promptly is a difficult task also for skilled technicians.

This deep understanding is important for tuning up a production line or to achieve better performances from a machinery.

The real time consumption analysis of offices, laboratories or huge industrial plants helps greatly in taking decisions quickly and in a more effective way.

The knowledge of this data and their correct usage opens up a huge opportunities in costs reduction, both energy related and maintenance ones. Moreover it allows a fine grained management of the factory.


Cortex™ is integrated with a sensors network and with a powerful gateway. You don’t have to do anything, we take care of everything.



To acquire the consumption of every single machinery and line a network of sensors is needed. They vary for typology and features. We can elaborate and setup a tailor made project or install Cortex on an existing network.



Our gateway is a device that aggregates data from the plant and sends them to the cloud and from there to Cortex, where they are elaborated. It’s an industrial grade smart device with a good on-board computing power. It’s ideal for such types of integrations .



The analysis kit is completed with our jewel: an online smart platform that integrates advanced analysis, customizable reports, a notification system and much more.

iot architecture

A solid architecture


Scalability, modularity, resiliency, compliance to open standards and edge computing capabilities are keystones of our architectural design. We believe that an IoT approach can give a substantial improvement to the state of the art in monitoring solutions: it can reduce operational cost and multiply the possibilities of an hardware setup thanks to a continuous development that can improve the hardware compatibility and potentials over the time. A cloud-based approach is fundamental also to provide zero-day security fixes and to improve the User Experience over the time, keeping the product fresh and up to date.


Our customers.


Cortex customers are manufacturing companies that manage more than one production site and that want to run their processes in a more data-driven way.

We are looking for users thrilled by the possibilities that Industry 4.0 offers to companies ready to embrace the transformations that those possibilities require.

Such customers can leverage the benefits of having real time and ubiquitous energy data to effectively take real time decisions, increase their performance, set dynamic prices to their lots, operate predictive maintenance strategies.

Data collection, aggregation and analysis is a breeze with Cortex. It avoids the tedious and error prone process of manual data collection, exporting, format conversion and further elaborations.

Energy data are made available across the company wherever they are required, avoiding the usual vertical/siloed/server-centric approach that our competitors offer.


Your business is unique. That’s why we propose you tailor made solutions. And we care about your future.


Obviously, to setup a technology there are several steps. Here is how we work.


Everything starts from the analysis of your needs, which is the basis of a customization project elaborated by our team of experts. They are plant engineers, software developers and designers. Then we proceed with the development, installation and configuration of Cortex. Everything is scheduled in advance and it has a defined price.


The production processes of tomorrow factory are based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and on data. The revolution has begun and the future is already here.


Cortex is the first step of a true industrial analytics.  Soon we’ll be able offer a service that collects not only energy data, but every other relevant data in an industrial set-up. It’s a rapidly evolving trend that is changing the way we make business and that is introducing a new industrial revolution.